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Veer is Dubai’s only home-grown media monitoring and media intelligence provider, proudly built from bottom up by engineers, product managers, researchers, and executives residing in the UAE.

A new age of media, a new age of media monitoring

Veer was built on the foundation of an advanced social media monitoring tool. Our social and digital monitoring platform offers unprecedented access to insights, comparisons, value, engagement rates, and other analytics tools on every social media platform that exists today or may exist in the future.
Our digital media platform is based on advanced crawlers that capture coverage from every media website in the MENA region, from digital publications of official media to news stations, magazines, periodicals, and other types of digital media. Veer also captures content from content aggregators, personal blogs, rating platforms, and e-commerce websites.

Our traditional media monitoring tools are reverse engineered from our cutting edge advanced digital and social media intelligence tools.

Veer monitors top and mid-tier print outlets in the Middle East and North Africa.

Veer sends daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports, directly to your email.

Veer researchers and media analysts provide detailed reports, comparison, analysis, and real-time reputational risk alerts.

Veer ’s engineers are continuously refining and redefining media intelligence tools that help PR agencies and marketing specialists measure and analyze the value of their activities. Our interactive media analysis dashboards keep evolving to meet the needs of the ever-changing media scene in today’s world.

Social media monitoring tools: Engagement rates, coverage value, reach, and other measurements on all social media content, including influencers’ Instagram stories and Tiktok videos.

Digital media monitoring tools: Our crawlers capture coverage from top and mid-tier media platforms, as well as content aggregators, official websites, rating platforms, service providers, and down to personal blogs.

Advanced media intelligence dashboards: Our dashboards offer media coverage analysis tools, competitor analysis, data visualization, and campaign planning.

Social media influencers marketing monitoring

Veer engineered the first and still one-of-its-kind social media influencers marketing monitoring tool. Since its launch in 2019, the tool evolved to cover all the needs of large to small-scale influencers events, seeding campaigns, and engagement campaigns. Veer captures all content produced by influencers in response to your campaign, including the time-sensitive Instagram Stories and Snapchat videos. We also cover all types of content on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. We monitor Instagram stories and REELs, we monitor snapchat, we monitor YouTube shorts, we monitor social media influencers.

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Media Monitoring and reputation management

Veer consolidates its print, broadcast, social and digital components together in one report. Get comprehensive coverage reports, competitor analysis, share of voice, reputation analysis, reputational risk alerts, and more in our unique Campaign Monitoring product. The same products can be offered across different campaigns with our retainer packages. Alternatively, you can opt for a very affordable access to our media monitoring search tool.

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Analysis, Consultancy, and Market Research

Veer offers more than just figures and visualizations. Our media and PR experts offer human analysis, research, recommendations, market research, reputation analysis, and all other tools that help you build your strategy and long-term activities. Our media and PR consultants join over 20 years of experience in the region. They offer valuable insights both on your paid, earned, shared and owned media, and on your client’s positioning and digital reputation.

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Why Veer

Veer is Dubai’s only home-grown media monitoring and media intelligence provider. Our services make a difference because they are customized to your exact needs.

  • Customized dashboards: To give you access to exactly the insights you need.
  • Customized reports: Veer sends you exactly the reports you design, without interruption to your current workflow.
  • Customized media analysis and competitor benchmarking: to feed your strategy building with exactly what you need.
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